Louise Henning

I am an art director, graphic designer and a visual merchandiser – based in Gothenburg, Sweden. I started drawing when I was home for a few months being exhausted from work. The only thing I felt like doing was drawing, and I think that’s where it all started. At the time I did not see anything good coming out of it, but now, a few years later I am almost thankful it happened. I love the desert, spectacular views and liquorice. I have a passion for black and white patterns and my mission is to create simple and playful designs. I think it’s important to always have an open mind and to be kind to one another.

Du som kund kan känna dig 100% trygg när du handlar hos oss. Vi är ett svenskt företag med många års erfarenhet av försäljning av fototapeter och tavlor på nätet. Välj bland ett brett utbud av snygga motiv, som alla är noga utvalda och trycks efter din beställning.

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